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2:27pm 02-01-2017
Greetings from Toronto, Canada. Thanks so much for creating this site. I wish I found it when we got our first chow last year! Your site is very informative and your chows are adorable!
Replied on: 6:55pm 02-01-2017


4:37am 11-13-2016
Diana yates
Hi fro Brisbane Australia just wanted to say I enjoyed your website and loved all the information and photos
Replied on: 11:47am 11-13-2016

Thank you Diana.

1:02am 07-10-2016
Hi Anita,

I saw you posted on my old LT thread and just wanted to say hi back and hope you're doing ok. I miss you!
Replied on: 7:00pm 07-10-2016

Hi Sara

I miss you too, hope you are ok too!


2:59pm 03-16-2015
Hi, my chow is more likely mix between rough and smooth what that can be from parents ?
Replied on: 12:45am 03-18-2015

hi Mike
A Chow Chow can be rough or smooth, at 5 weeks of age you can clearly see the difference.
There are smooths with a bit longer coat and roughs with a bit less long coat. But a smooth has never long hair under the paws.

1:19am 03-01-2014
Nadine Grundy
Three years ago, you lost your angel, Eoos. She is in heaven playing with my Bear, Mookie and MIng.....little sweetheart.....
Nadine and Mowgli
Replied on: 10:42pm 03-01-2014

Thank you dear Nadine....

1:21am 03-01-2013
Nadine Grundy
Two years ago tomorrow, you lost your angel, Eoos. ......such a sad day.....such a heartbreaking loss.....

Nadine, Ming and Mowgli
Replied on: 1:17pm 03-01-2013

thank you dear Nadine

You are such a caring soul...
We still miss her, although it does get a little easier in time.


10:02am 12-25-2012
C.H. Lee
Hi, I have a 6 years old black long-hair male chow. I am looking for a smooth-hair black/gray female chow. If you can help me find a pup, please notify me. Thank you so much.
Replied on: 2:03pm 12-25-2012

I will mail you if I hear there are smooth pups somewhere.

Anita Meulstee

2:52pm 09-05-2012
Sandra Linner
Greetings from Germany !!! You`ve a great website and wounderful dogs It`s great to see such pretty smooth Chows, we don`t have a lot in Germany ... Maybe your interested to visit our page ??? It would be nice
Have a good time !!! Best wishes aus Ansbach
Replied on: 1:13pm 10-24-2012

thank you Sandra!
I will soon visit your site

Anita Meulstee

7:15pm 08-24-2012
Renate Choudhuri
Liebe Familie Meulstee,
leider mussten wir uns am letzten Montag abends gegen 23.00 Uhr von unserem über alles geliebten Angel, der sein ganzes leben lang seinem Namen alle Ehre gemacht hat, verabschieden. Im Kreise unserer Familie, von uns, unseren Töchtern und ihren Partnern umgeben und gestreichelt, konnte er von seinen plötzlich unerträglichen Schmerzen und seiner Altersschwäche zu Hause erlöst werden. Wir sind unendlich traurig, aber auch dankbar, dass wir uns 14 Jahre lang an ihm erfreuen durften.
Liebe Grüße
Renate und Brahmananda Choudhuri
Replied on: 9:13pm 08-24-2012

Liebe Familie Choudhuri

Mit Angel ist der letzten unseren A-Wurf heingegangen.
Wir danken Sie dass Angel ein so liebevolle Haus bei Ihnen gefunden hat und wunschen die ganze Familie viel Stärke ohne Angel...

Frank & Anita Meulstee

7:49pm 07-11-2012
mark lester
hello can i use your article in our facebook group here in philippines regarding the chow chow? it helps alot im going to make an acknowledgement for your site. thanks
Replied on: 11:32pm 07-11-2012

That is okay Mark.
I would appriciate if you include a link to my website.

Anita Meulstee

2:40pm 09-07-2011
Barbara Carr
What a wonderfull site. I was very interested in your raw feed info, I would love to give my 4 chows a go with it but as of yet i have not been brave enough. Hopefully one day soon i will try xx
Barbara (guanezhou chow chows) xx
Replied on: 8:22pm 09-07-2011

hi Barbara

Thanks for your nice message.
I hope you will be brave enough one day, your Chows will benefit!


1:42pm 05-25-2011
Lillian M
I needed some lawn care products after my chows ran amok on my beautiful grass. I found what I needed on the gardenhealth site. Now my chow's can run around on my lawn all they like and I don't mind. lawn care
Replied on: 9:28pm 05-25-2011

hi Lillian
We have an other solution: artifical grass! The small part of our garden where we used to have grass is now green in all seasons and never needs to be cut. The Chows like it too ;-)


3:56am 03-24-2011
I love the puppy pics..theyre so fluffy! i really want a reddish chow chow
thanks!! xoxo

5:35pm 12-12-2010
Arja Pyykko
Hello, First of all, I love your pages. The photo album is great. After having two chows, it was nice to see that a Chow can do agility
Our last Chow died 31.12.2006 and we have been planning to get a chow again. I would like to know what are your plans with puppies? Are you planning to have any in the near future? We are thinking of a short hair Chow.
We live in Finland but bringing a puppy from Netherlands.
Best regards, Arja and Ami Pyykko
Replied on: 8:50pm 12-12-2010

hi Arja and Ami

Sadly we won't have puppies any time soon. Eoos was x-rayed recently, we don't have the official results yet, but her ellbows are not good at all :-(
Eoos siser, Eki lives in Finland and got a litter in October. If you are interested, at the website of <a href="">kennel Basstricks</a> more about them.

good luck
Anita Meulstee

1:39pm 05-02-2009
Irene Anthony
Hi Anita
I have been enjoying your site it's very informative and interesting. Your dogs seem to have a wonderful life, the photos are lovely especially the pups. I have three bitches Li-Li age 9 (black), Saba age 5(self red), Bindi age 9months (red).Hope you are all well.
Keep up the good work .
Replied on: 9:25pm 05-02-2009

hi Irene
Thank you, it is nice to get some response of other Chow Chow owners.
Give your three a hug from us.

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